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This is the blog of S E Champenby, self-published author and amateur photographer.  The reason I've started a blog is because my work has begun spreading across multiple websites.  I intend to reference and link all of my work back to this blog.

The challenge with any blog is; (1) generating enough content to post regularly, and (2) finding enough time to keep on posting.  I believe I have enough material; time might be an issue.  If you ever see a post stating, "I am still alive," you'll know I lack time at present but I'm trying to prevent this blog from being archived.  The plan is to post once a fortnight.

For the subject of my very first blog posting, I'd like to address what is inspiring me right now, and that is dawn watching.  I have become a Dawnwatcher.  Every morning I wake up before dawn, rug up, and trundle out onto the balcony with my camera to take photographs of the dawn.  It's the perfect hobby for an insomniac.

I began dawn watching on 10 January this year, during the summer law break, hoping to gather some usable background pictures for my book covers.  If you check out two of my books, Gavin and the Blue Goblins and Gavin and the Gargoyles - available from - you'll observe I've used the same brilliant sunset as the background for the covers.  I need more background shots.

Once I started photographing the dawn, however, I found I couldn't stop.  Every dawn is fantastically different.  Every dawn is spectacular and unique.  Every dawn starts my day filled with inspiration and optimism.  Those who watch a dawn or a sunset just one day a year don't know what they're missing.

I upload the photos to under the username Gagothicfunk as posters and merchandise.  Now that summer is over, and the sun has moved behind the trees, plus today's dawn is a washout - it happens - I hope to catch up (because I've fallen behind) and compose a few YouTube videos so that you can see what dawn in Sydney was like on such and such a day.  I think it's important that every dawn be recorded and dated because every dawn is unique, it's of historial significance.  Miss a dawn, and it will never be repeated exactly the same.

Now we come to the big question:  why am I doing this?  To answer all my sceptical friends (and nearly all of them are) I've composed a little something, An Ode to Eccentric Hobbies and Extreme Sports:

     This is crazy
     This is dumb
     But this is also
     So much fun!

by S E Champenby.

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