Thursday, 10 May 2012

Perigee Moon

On the evening of Sunday 6 May, Sydney time, the moon reached its perigee position.  I didn't know that, I just noticed a giant orange full moon low on the horizon and started snapping.  Here tis. 

Later news reports said that this was the closest the moon had approached the Earth in 18 years, and showed a picture of the moon as backdrop against the Acropolis which puts my pictures to shame.  The moon must be closer to the Earth in Greece.  Anyway, the show's back on again in 10 months' time.

Very sorry haven't done a commentary post for Apocalypse Dawn yet.  The video is up, and of all the dawns that one really needs explanatory commentary, but I've been busy with other matters.  Last weekend I completed the draft of The Stone Wizard of Quoth, the second book in my The Witch, the Hero, and the Princess trilogy.  It's taken my years to write, thirty chapters plus.  But that's the way trilogies go; each succeeding volume is bigger and more complex than the preceding one.

In fact, I've been too busy to photograph the dawns.  Autumn dawns have been mostly washouts of thick cloudbank and fog.  I stopped on Anzac Day.  Sunsets are still fantastic, but sunrise...  Yet I was up early enough for today's dawn - Friday, 11 May 2012 - and it was great!  Would have hated to have missed it.  The reason for the spectacle:  must be the prediction of no rain.  Hence not too much cloud to spoil things.  Here's a pic:

That's all for now, folks!

S E Champenby

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