Sunday, 17 June 2012


Dawnwatch from an East-Facing Balcony in Sydney


This is my last blog post.  I’ve posted all my videos and commentary on dawns from an east-facing balcony in Sydney that I intend to, and I hope I have inspired others to do the same, or at least to get up early and watch the dawn more than just once a year.  I look forward to watching other fantastic dawns on YouTube from all over the world.

A final comment:  ABC News 24 is still using those two photographs from Voldemort Dawn and Lava Dawn respectively on their program; the golden spiral appears in a slice of the regular weather intro, and the tropical dawn under brown clouds with surfers on the beach in the foreground features as a blown-up backdrop to the weekend news presenters. 

I reproduce a photo of each that regular ABC News 24 viewers should recognize.  It seems there will be no fresh dawn pictures on the news until spring, when these wonderful dawns will begin anew. 

Take care and keep dawn watching.
Signing off
S E Champenby

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